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Recover Gmail Password and gmail ID, Forgot Password / Change Gmail Password

How to Recover your forgotten Gmail password, gmail password recovery¬†:—
When you have forgotten your Gmail password now you want to recover your gmail account then Google has capable of providing the ways to recover their data of its users. forgetting the gmail password is very inconvenience thing when your account is the key of many online activities. You can recover your gmail account when you provide enough security information during the registration time of your account. To recover your account don’t worry we can help you to reset the password to continue online activities with your account from the following steps.

Recover Gmail Password and gmail ID, Forgot Password / Change Gmail Password

gmail recovery, gmail password recovery, forgot gmail password

1.first thing you need to do is type the url in your browser address bar. Type the email or phone number into the labeled field which you are given during the registration, then click the “next” button.
2.If you don’t remember the password,then click the “forgot password” link. It will ask the enter old password you remember using with this Google the “Try another way” link at the left side of your box.
3.In another page, it will send the verification code to your mobile number which you have previously linked to your account. You can receive an sms text message from Google.Enter the verification code which you are got from the google.If you don’t have mobile number then click “I don’t have mobile” link. It will ask several questions, you can answer those questions
4.From your secondary email address also you can recover your account. Type the secondary email address into the labeled field,then click “next” button. Google will send verification code to your alternative email, which you are given during the registration. Go and check that secondary email inbox and enter that code here. gmail signup

Another Way To recover Gmail ID and Password:

Still you don’t have access to your account from the above steps using mobile number or other options. No problem you may still be able to recover your account manually. First you need to go to the Google Account Recovery page, there you can enter your email address, then click “continue” button, after click “I don’t know” option for the password then choose the “Verify your identity” option, which is really small link.Answer all those questions with your best knowledge, if you provide such information to the google then you will get successful account recovery in google. login and signup

If you have not accessed your gmail account for last 9 months,It may have considered as deserted and may have deleted your gmail account from the server. In this case gmail account recovery is not possible.

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